Two Barrels is hiring a full-time experienced videographer for $70,000/year in Spokane, WA. You will be a traditional employee with company benefits.

We’re looking for someone to lead a variety of video production tasks including content for our marketing websites, recruiting content, and internal training.

You will be responsible for collaborating with various departments and team members to determine overall vision of projects and storyboard the production of content. In this position, you’ll be involved at every stage of the process, including ideation, planning, filming, directing, producing, editing, and publishing. If you’re someone comfortable with ambiguity and like the idea developing something from scratch, this could be a great fit.


Spokane, WA


Full Time




Minimum Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You’re a creative person who loves making videos and working with other people to do so. You’re able to take total ownership of your role while also being flexible to change direction quickly when needed. You’re tired of the grind of contract work and want a steady, reliable job with ample creative freedom. You like the idea of producing video content from ideation to completion.