Flexible Hours

Hey, some people are morning people and some people aren’t, so we don’t really care when you start your day… but you need to be able to coordinate your schedule with your team. If most of your team gets to the office at 7 am and you’re showing up at 11 am, that probably won’t be sustainable. It’s common sense. You’ll need to show up when you’re needed or convince your team to sleep in a little later.

We’re all “Computer Employees” exempt from overtime pay, but our goal is to never have to ask you to work over 40 hours. We know continually working a ton of hours is not sustainable. We’d like to think you can get more done when you’re fresh and happy.

We have adjusted to life amid the pandemic and are mostly working remote. That said, as a new hire, we need you in office for the first few weeks to get to know each other. We like to think that we’re smarter when we work together. Collaboration and teamwork are key to how we work at Two Barrels.