How To Get A Job Here

We want to hire as much talent as possible for developing software, networking, and making awesome websites, so the way we hire is a little different than you might expect.

Our Recruiting Process:

You’re gracious enough to submit a resume to us.

If what you’ve submitted looks promising, you’ll get an email (CHECK YOUR JUNK/SPAM) asking you to take a test to demonstrate your skills, complete a writing test, and/or set up an initial phone interview. We try to cap initial phone interviews at around 30 minutes. We will typically want to discuss what you’ve done, who you are and why you want to work at Two Barrels. If we think your skills and the way you work would mesh well with our team, you’ll be invited to come in for an interview with some people from the team. You don’t need to perform a skit or anything, but if you want a job, you do need to explain what skills you have and why you think you’d be a great addition to the Two Barrels team. It’s up to you to bring a laptop, code, printouts, writing samples, metrics, designs, or whatever else you can think of that would explain why we should hire you.  You can bring as much or as little as you’d like. You can wear something nice, or you can wear the same clothes you’ve been wearing for the last few days. It’s your time to shine.

The Second Interview

If you knock our socks off with the initial interview, you might be asked to come back for a second round. This is where we spend as much time as needed getting to know you, introducing you to people on the team, discussing our technologies in more depth, and really trying to see if there’s some warm fuzzies going on and if we’d like to work together.

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