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Our Humble Beginnings

Two Barrels LLC was started by a renegade group of super nerds and awkward employees who worked for a company called Registered Agents Inc. As this group of brave technology warriors grew, it became more and more apparent that they weren’t just the “other guys” anymore. They were an army, an entire floor, a group of competitive fighters who were highly talented and powerful but produced results similar to teenagers firing off scud missiles for fun.

When looking back, historians may well argue over the exact causes and catalysts that led to the eventual creation of Two Barrels. While the work lives of these super geeks weren’t horrible—they worked in a relaxed corporate environment, set their own priorities, and had all the cool hipster office crap like ping pong, pool, air hockey, and shuffleboard —things were always a little off. While getting coffee, the Software Engineer would field questions from the “normal people” wondering why they couldn’t scan documents to their computers. Or while eating lunch, the Front-End Developer would be asked when they could reinstall Word on someone’s computer. Our Senior Network and Systems Engineer would be asked to fix a content typo on a website…

Eventually, they pitched an idea they thought would solve the problem: to be their own company. The organization embraced this idea of separation. Within months, an old furniture store was purchased and renovated into a killer 5,500 square foot office for the technology division to work out of, free of the burdens of those who just didn’t understand what on earth they actually do, how they function, how they work, or just how talented they really are.

Man, We're Cool.
(No, Not Really...)

Now, we’d like to say that as an organization, our parent company was so in touch with their employees’ feelings that they wanted to give them their own building, but the reality is this: anyone working on a computer, software, website, systems or networking, has always been one of “those people”.

They usually get stuffed in a crappy closet with no windows. Or worse yet, labeled as a cool, modern startup and crammed like sardines into no-elbow-room sweatshops labeled and packaged with a company name that isn’t spelled correctly.

No, the truth is that these people… these coders, developers, writers, marketers, engineers, administrators…their bosses have always tried to figure them out… given their best efforts to make them happy…tried to learn what makes them happy…tried to make it happen…only to utterly fail. Why? Their bosses tried to stuff them in the normal box, and treat them like normal people employees. Normal to them that is… but to a coder normal isn’t what’s normal to a CEO or Accountant. That’s not normal at all.

We ask creative people to be creative and then make them work in an environment and with people that aren’t like them. Yeah. Two Barrels was thought up as an idea to let coders be coders. Let writers be writers.

At the end of the day, we wanted to provide a high paying job for these folks and an environment that makes them comfortable and happy. But at a minimum, try to get out of the way and let people be what they are. And that required a separation. Translation: we love them so much, we bought them their own office and let them form their own company.

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