Security Engineer


Two Barrels is hiring a Security Engineer for $175,000/year. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour/week position with company benefits. This is a remote position. Our main office is in Spokane WA, and we have satellite offices in Austin TX and Salt Lake City UT.

We are expanding our team to include a Security Engineer to be 100% focused on our security efforts. As the right candidate, you will have experience working in-house as a full-time penetration tester, a regular 3rd party bug bounty program pen tester, or in a similar security type role. Your job will be to identify our vulnerabilities to help keep our information safe and secure.


Remote | Spokane – Austin – SLC |


Full Time




Minimum Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You’ve changed a price on a website you were checking out on to see if it worked. You’ve messed around where you shouldn’t have and you’ve always thought it would be fun to do that full time in a way that didn’t make you feel like an evil person or that karma would catch up to you. Maybe you’ve messed with folks in the past too much and want to earn some good karma points by helping us secure our high volume software and systems.