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Two Barrels is hiring a Sr. iOS App Developer for $150,000/year. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour/week position with company benefits. This is a remote position or you could work onsite if you wanted. Our main office is in Spokane WA, and we have satellite offices in Austin TX and Salt Lake City UT. At this time we are only able to support employees that are US residents. Sorry!

Are you really into mobile development? We’d like to be able to say we truly are into mobile development and have put the proper resources into building a vibrant mobile group of developers.  As of today, we’re no where close to where we’d like to be and we’re looking for inspired folks to help us play in mobile as well as possible. Might that be you?

We run a number of business tool apps that help people at all stages of their business with various services and tools. From domains, phones, emails, business entity maintenance, business licenses, mail received on their behalf, etc.  It’s complex and we service millions of users.

The largest problem you’ll be trying to solve is running our Phone App. We run a second phone line app mostly for businesses but we fancy ourselves as the most private, encrypted way to send messages and do phone calls that exists. Think Whats App and Google Voice, but without it being free so the big evil corporations can get your meta data. Running a second phone line and keeping our users communications as private as possible on hardware that is meant to not provide any privacy to the user on infrastructure and telecommunications that are meant to not provide any privacy to the users is our largest challenge. But it’s a war we firmly believe in.

But our apps today are embarrassing and shows our lack of focus on mobile… We’re ready for a change. It’s been hard to service so many clients at our pace of growth and put the focus on mobile that we wish we would have done a decade ago. With our organization structure, size, and resources we have today, we’re ready, even if it’s a decade late.

If you’re up for a challenge, working with fun good humans, and into doing good work. We’d love to talk



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You hope the metaverse doesn’t come… but if it does, we’ll at least have caught up to the best mobile app experience we could have had before we all scratch our heads and wonder what on earth we’re supposed to make now to stay relevant.

On a more serious note though. We’re into open source and privacy. Fighting invasive massive corporations following and tracking users should be a passion borderline problem you deal with anxiety over. We as a company have no affiliates, never sold one ounce of data and go to great lengths to not leak it out the side door via third party tools. If you’re passionate about protecting users as the world gets less and less private even though they do dumb stuff like give a cookie pop up on a screen that doesn’t do anything or tell us they’re ditching cookies and it’s for privacy even though it’s just a play to not let meta data get into other big evil corporations hands… If this stuff resonates with you. You’ll find a similarly minded folks here at Two Barrels and we’ll have fun making tech that helps people keep their privacy.