Product Marketing Communications Manager


Remember when you got into marketing and you loved it? And then the corporate world slowly drained that love out of you? We remember that too, and we are all about bringing the love back to marketing, failing fast, failing often, getting back up again, and pressing on forward.

What’s that you say? That’s exactly what you want? Well, if you are a solid rockstar Product Marketing & Communications expert then we want you too.

You will need you to be the best marketing expert at Two Barrels when it comes to our how we market our products. We need your experience and your expertise. You will lead a team of content and campaign specialists to create compelling content, audience and message-based campaigns across our 50+ brands under our parent company.

You should have experience in marketing products and their features to a diverse set of audiences. In addition to leading a team of product marketers and content writers, you and your team will work directly with Product Management, studying the company’s products, locating key features that will attract customers and creating content and marketing campaigns for their respective products.


Austin, TX


Full Time




Minimum Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You get to join a winning team and if someone picks a fight, we typically throw the budget out the window and just duke it out. We’re family owned and operated, so no investors, no debt. Just the game, and the game is fun.

But we also acknowledge the game is changing, and we need to change as well. We now find ourselves fighting against companies that don’t have to make anything pencil because they’re backed by venture capital. While we kick their faces in with a fifth of the budget, all while being profitable, the companies are becoming monsters. They just keep getting bigger, more sophisticated, smarter, more numbers based, more focused, while being fueled by more and more funny money, so it’s time for us to be more intentional about what we do here.