Director of Marketing Demand Generation


Two Barrels is hiring a Director of Marketing Demand Generation, this individual will be responsible for the strategy and execution of our digital marketing programs that capture and nurture clients across multiple online channels including SEM, Display, PPC, Email, Direct Mail, Paid Social, and Affiliate Marketing.

We need someone who is highly strategic and adept at navigating the complexity of paid media and is able to provide strategic-level recommendations to senior teams and stakeholders with a strong and clear point of view, backed by data. We need you to have a passion for paid media and understand its role in integrated marketing campaigns.

We need someone who gets our SEM can be combined with SEO to truly maximize all our efforts.


Austin, TX / hybrid


Full Time




Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You have never read a google blog post on how to properly do SEO or SEM and sent that link to someone saying something incredibly dumb like “see here, google wrote a blog post telling us we should do this.”

Maybe you did a link scheme that got you fired at your last job. Link filtering and impression shares are not something you just had to google, they’re concepts you can’t stop thinking about. You get it… that someone has to tell the computer and the algorithm what to do and the person to tell it what it wants but yet get done what others won’t or can’t get done might just be you.

What seems really unique about this position is you have a blank slate. This is a new position here for us. You’ll either be the sacrificial lamb or the person we’ve been dreaming of. That should excite you, not scare you. You could make a demand generation marketing group how you’ve always thought it might be made. We already have the skillset positions filled. We’re already doing it, but we’d like a leader that can help take us to a new level. You get to join a winning team and if someone picks a fight, we typically throw the budget out the window and just duke it out. We’re family owned and operated, so no investors, no debt. Just the game, and the game is fun.

Do you like the juice? The fight? If digital marketing is your sport; business is ours.