Director of Front End Development


Two Barrels is hiring a Director of Front-End Development to lead our Front-End Development team. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour/week position with company benefits.

The role of “Director” is still pretty new to us. But, we’ve grown to the size of needing a Director of FE Development, and the title itself is less relevant than the work you’ll be doing. If you’re caught up on the idea of being a “Director” for the prestige or high-fluffery, this isn’t gonna work. Our main goal is that our directors are leading, pushing, and mentoring our teams to be better developers and make better websites. We own and manage well over 100 websites, and you’ll be in charge of 15-30 developers. Or less. Or more. It’s fluid and the driving force is doing good work and making employees happy.

You should really enjoy technical and tactical leadership and understand what projects to tackle to make the most impact across the organization. But, you should still be more than comfortable coding. You should know more about ES6 aside from the fact that it now exists. If your coding skills require you to dust them off after being on a shelf for awhile, we’re looking for someone who never put them on a shelf in the first place. We don’t view our Director level as “managers.” We have Operations Managers that aren’t super technical based that fulfill that role. Your focus should be to push technical expertise, growth, and website success. We believe in pushing and supporting here more than leading. We try to provide an environment where people can have the freedom and space to reach their potential and our job as directors, leaders, or whatever you call it is to help them.

This is a remote or work wherever you want position. We’d prefer you be around Spokane, Salt Lake, or Austin to have a hub base out of one of our three main offices, but we’re open to good talent anywhere in the US.


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You’re someone with an eye for cool websites that actually serve their intended purposes. You have no problem acknowledging mistakes and taking the steps to correct them. You’re also able to recognize the noise for what it is: just noise. If that sounds like you, and you’d like to share the things you’ve learned over the years with some of our less-experienced devs while recognizing that you don’t always have to be the smartest person in the room, we’d love to have you be a part of our team and help make us better.

We’re family owned and operated. Our business heavily relies on these websites to attract new customers and serve our existing ones. We’re into open source and you should be also. We have a lot of good humans that work here, but we want to help them grow and fulfill their mental stimulation. We need help with that process, and we as a company are going to accomplish amazing things along the way.