CISO / XISO – Chief Information Security Officer / Executive Information Security Officer


Two Barrels is looking for a Chief Information Security Officer. This position would need to be based out of Spokane WA, Austin TX, or Salt Lake City UT.  Relocation assistance available for Spokane only. Depending on your network and ability to attract talent locally, we are also considering candidates who already live near our Austin TX or Salt Lake City UT offices, but we cannot offer relocation assistance to these cities.

As our Executive Information Security Officer, we would need you to take ownership of all things within the Information Security realm as well as the physical security realm as we have a lot of locations across the US with various access points into our hardware network.


Spokane – Austin – Salt Lake City


Full Time


$250,000 a year.


Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You have a passion for privacy and security. You understand how to navigate the cultural differences of deceptive hackers and operational staff. You enjoy working with operational folks and motivating them by education and process to be better at privacy and security. You enjoy making cultural and organizational change management happen.