CTO / XTO – Chief Technology Officer


As a company, Two Barrels has grown into the Inland Northwest’s largest tech employer. Our development team is focused on solving client problems, doing good work, being good to each other, and being compensated well for their efforts. We have around 100,000 sq ft of office space in the Spokane area but are committed to employing people working wherever, indefinitely. We also have hubs in Austin and Salt Lake, but there’s no requirement for people to use them or go work there.

Even though we’re rapidly becoming a larger company, we’re doing so as a family-owned and operated business, with no venture capital, no investors, no private equity, and no debt. So you have no employees here because of vested interests in shares of stock. We’re just here because this is our sport. This is our craft. We’re a wily bunch. And we’re looking for a wily leader who’s been the Technical Leader of large software and IT groups before.

The main thing we require is that you’ve been the Technical and Human leader that brought 2-3+ large scale software applications to the finish line. Whether that was from scratch, or redoing a current application, you have the skills to lead and work with many cross tech skillsets and deal with high impact software apps. We are looking for someone that comes from a heavy software background where it has been your roles focus. You will need to be able to demonstrate this.


Spokane, WA


Full Time


$402,000 / year. Plus $40,000 relocation package to Spokane if needed. We are family owned and run, so there's no share compensation or bonus structure as part of the compensation package. And whatever compensation packages and terms you feel are normal for executives, that won't be the case here. It's just an insane wage for Spokane, great co-workers, and a goal of creating a great quality of life job for yourself and those around you. Relocation assistance available for Spokane WA only. What you see here IS THE OFFER. It's not a starting point. We employ over 700 good folks and have been transparent about job wages way before it was cool to post actual wages. What you see is what you get. Every executive here has the exact same benefits package as the entry level mail scanner, so don't ask for more. The group of folks here are special and we need a leader for them that gets us, not just a robot used to what it knows.


Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

We average around 600 deploys over the whole tech stack each month. It’s fast. It’s Two Barrels! And it’s open source. So there’s no manual or service contract to lean on.
We want a technical leader with that unique mix of technical chops and leadership experience. You will probably never have a meeting here about a budget, value, or goals. Our goals are:  Do Good Work, Let’s see where it goes.
If you are really into software and architecture, products, leading people, developing culture, growing people up through an organization, consensus based decisions, and winning with technology. This place is the place you’ve been looking for to set you free. We think you as a person might have felt held back at other roles.
Business is our sport. Tech should be yours.