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As a company, Two Barrels has grown into the Inland Northwest’s largest tech employer. Our development team is focused on solving client problems, doing great work, being good to each other, and being compensated well for their efforts. We have no stock offering. Even though we’re rapidly becoming a larger company, we’re doing so as a family-owned and operated business. So you have no employees here because of vested interests in shares of stock. We’re just here because this is our sport. This is our craft and we found a home where we’re paid well and the job hasn’t proved hostile enough yet to quit. We’re a wily bunch. And we’re looking for a wily leader who’s actually been a CTO, CIO, CSIO, CXO something before. We kind of care about your historical titles, but the main thing we require is that you’ve been the leader that brought 2-3+ large scale software applications to the finish line. Whether that was from scratch, or redoing a current application, you have the skills to lead and work with many cross tech skillsets and deal with high impact software apps.


Spokane, WA


Full Time


$400,000 / year DOE. We are family owned and run, so there's no share compensation or bonus structure as part of the compensation package. Just an insane wage for Spokane, great co-workers, and a goal of creating a great quality of life job for yourself and those around you. We'll also pay to relocate you to Spokane if you're not already here.


Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

This place is like running a fire department, except the whole town is already on fire, and you’re running around with a full blown fire hose in one hand, trying to grab people to help you hang onto it because you can’t hold it by yourself.  But you’ll need the clarity of building out the proper way to hang onto the hose without hurting your staff and putting out the fire as efficiently as possible. As you’re going from fire to fire, you’ll have to think on your feet about how to get in front of the problems by helping all these people not blow up their houses and buildings that are on fire and build out a proactive way to keep the fires from even happening like standards and training and education and implementation for crying out loud. Oh, and you’re also about eight fire houses short and you’ll need to build up not just the fire houses but the staff to deal with the problems you know you’ll face if you want to accomplish anything meaningful. You probably need an administrative fire house headquarters also to try to do some outreach and make fire code standards and effectively communicate with the city  to help get in front of the problems also. Oh and then a pandemic happened and you have to actually kind of do all this with your work force distributed all over the country and world now. This should excite you, not scare you.

We support millions of active businesses throughout the US. It’s a large responsibility. We’ve been blessed that having something to sell or trying to find clients has never been our problem. No one here has ever tried to make a product and then find a problem to sell a solution for. We’re basically an old school business services company that has been trying to keep up with demand and make our clients and employees lives easier with technology. We call it a SASAAS business ( A Software and Service as a Service business – duh! that’s how hip we are…) By the time you solve one problem, things evolve and you start over or you realize there’s a bigger problem everyone has. We don’t have the luxury of supporting a small base. It’s fun to have the impact of helping so many people with their businesses. It’s also fun working with our employees because we try to hire fun people and we never stop hiring because the core of what we do involves humans… not just selling software so there’s always new neat people coming onboard. Work is work, but the people we work with are the only real difference in how our 40 hours a week are spent. We have a deeply rooted culture of being open minded, accepting, trying things, screwing stuff up, not assigning blame but accepting ours mistakes and learning and moving forward, and then screwing a whole bunch of stuff up again and moving forward. This should excite you, not scare you.

We are family-owned and operated. No debt. No investors. Millions of subscription clients and a medium sized company. We don’t care about building value or growing for the sake of growing. We’re not trying to build a crappy product, hope it sells, and after it sells a bit, model out how it will sell more to hope to get another round of financing to make institutional investors rich.  We’re just trying to do good work for our customers and build out a great job for our employees that provides satisfaction, fulfillment, incremental growth and opportunities if they want them, and sets our employees up for success as they move throughout our company. After we reached 500 employees, we started to be more interesting in providing upward opportunities and movement in the company as well. This has been a fascinating challenge and one of the more unexpected deeply fulfilling rewards of the hard work we’ve done, but we’re just getting started… The challenge of the work should be what motivates you. We are an extremely rare company within the tech industry to be this size and be family-owned and operated so you can focus on the the tech instead of making investors happy.

Business is our sport. Tech should be yours.