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Two Barrels is hiring a Marketing Content Writer for $60,000/year. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time, 40 hour/week M-F position with company benefits. This is a remote position. Our main office is in Spokane WA, and we have satellite offices in Austin TX and Salt Lake City UT.

Two Barrels needs a Marketing Content Writer. With a need to describe what qualities our ideal candidate would possess, it’s tempting to use balloon words like “dynamic,” “creative,” and all the other filler words you’ll typically find in a writer wanted ad. But the writer we’re looking for would instantly be irritated by that kind of descriptive nonsense. We need a writer who can write clear, concise sentences and treats ambiguity as if it were the plague. They would also have a strong sense of curiosity, and often find themselves asking why things work the way they do. They would also likely have a background in journalism or creative writing, however, we believe good things may come from surprising places, so we have no specific degree requirements.

In exchange for your skill and experience, we will provide a fun, relaxed, open-office setting; and empower you to have great influence over your own projects. Initially, there will be a learning curve, though. You will need to do a lot of research and writing to simply understand the services we market. Eventually, you will be expected to pitch, oversee and launch new websites and products. One of the best aspects of working at Two Barrels is while we expect high-end copy, we also know it takes effort and time to produce good writing. While you will at times face deadlines and high-pressure situations, you will also be given the required time to experiment, learn and create the exact right page or post to complete your assignment.


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The only limits placed on this position will be the limits of your own ambition. After you understand what we do here, what our overall goals are, and our content needs, you’ll be free to pitch ideas for new websites (essentially new companies) with new products and services.