What’s Lunch-able @ 2Barrels?

August 11, 2020 4:21 pm

One perk of workin’ downtown? We’re only a stones throw away from dozens of Spokane’s best eats, a perk our team takes advantage of often. There’s always X-group, ordering from Y-Restaurant at Z-time, always with a “more the merrier” spirit. Lunch is pretty fun at the ‘Barrels, and we’re looking forward to getting back to this habit once COVID is in our rearview.

Where We Get Our Grub On

Below you’ll find a list of some our faves, all within steps of the office. The best part is, once a month our owner caters lunch for us, and it’s usually from one of these places!

Thai on 1st

Kitty-corner to 2 Barrels, you can find the best Chicken Pad Thai in town. Thai on 1st is an obscure, no-frills, family-owned establishment that’s seldom open, yet always packed. It seems like every day someone journeys over there, either for lunch or dinner. So it’s probable you’ll get a whiff of it sooner or later anyways.

The Monterey Cafe

Possibly the least pretentious place in town, Monterrey Cafe’s pizza has fueled more lines of code over here than we’re willing to admit. But hey, two big fresh slices for $5 (or pasta + salad) AND you’re out the door within 30 seconds? How can you say no?

Domini’s Sandwiches 

Always a Spokane favorite, and growing in popularity within the office, Domini’s Sandwiches is one like no other. The sandwiches are comically large, and they don’t “do” extras. Nope, you won’t find any list of trendy toppings or condiments (besides mayo & mustard) to scratch your head over. Domini’s operates under the belief a sandwich consist of three things, bread, meat, and cheese. Options or not, there’s a reason it’s voted Spokane’s best every year in The Inlander.

Pho City 

We’ve turned their great food into somewhat of a ritual at the office. We order it ahead of time, walk and pick it up, bring it back, sit down and all assemble our bowls in the cafeteria. Arguments are had over schoolteacher’s noodle-to-broth ratios, but never over the taste. The veggie pho is to die for at Pho City!

The Mango Tree 

Just one block north, the flavors of the east are fruitful at The Mango Tree. The mango rice and tikka masala are out of this world, but we seldom order the same thing twice. An ever-changing menu that’s nationally and seasonally inspired means your taste buds will never get bored there. At least ours don’t.

Riverfront Park Square + Food Court 

Not much to say here, it’s a bougie mall with lots of options. Familiar and local fare. Often a group of us will walk there together and all split up to get what we want from the likes of:


Last but not least, there’s Nicole. She’s not a restaurant, she’s one of our senior writers. She packs a tasty and nutritious lunch. Every. Single. Day. You can also be like Nicole if you want; she’s rad. You do you, boo!

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