A Two Barrels Guide to The Non-Traditional Cover Letter

April 14, 2022 10:35 pm

Two Barrels is a highly sought-after workplace, and we’re constantly seeking incredible talent. But, we don’t want to read a cover letter that basically repeats everything listed on your resume. Our team actually reads cover letters and considers them an essential part of the hiring process.

So, how do you write a cover letter that screams, “Pick me!” louder than everyone else? Your first step is to take the traditional cover letter template and throw it out the window.

What does that even look like?

That’s really up to you—it’s your cover letter. But, we totally understand that there aren’t a lot of companies out there asking candidates for non-traditional cover letters. So, here’s a quick breakdown of where you can start:

Wait a minute. This sounds a lot like a traditional cover letter.

To be fair, yes, it does. And, we still want to hear why you chose to apply to Two Barrels and what specifically about our company spoke to you. However, we also want to learn about you, the human being. We want your cover letter to showcase what makes you unique and different from other candidates. So, write a cover letter that shows off your mad credentials and reveals a bit of your personality. Feel free to:

Our team is interested in all sides of you—the career-driven side and the casual side who wears cargo pants and socks with sandals.

Are you guys for real?

Yes. We’re very real. We’re just not your average company. Two Barrels is made up of a group of fun, inclusive, and endearing weirdos who celebrate each other. We want to hire talented, super experienced candidates who are also good, decent humans.

So, when you’re ready to apply for any of our current positions, show us who you really are. Once you land an interview, we’ll figure out (together) if Two Barrels is a good fit. Good luck! We’re looking forward to reading your non-traditional cover letter.

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