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Do You Have the Right Stuff to Be Our VP of Marketing?

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  • Driving Paid & Organic Traffic
  • Developing New Traffic Sources
  • Cross-Sell And Up-Sell Communication Planning
  • Orchestrate Outbound, Social, Pr And Campaigns
  • Oversee Content, Design, Video, Advertising And Customer Communications
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Annual Rations

Up to $250,000/year DOE + relocation package.

  • Work from home comfort package & equipment
  • 4% 401k employer matching
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Your work impacts 1000 employees and millions of customers
  • Employer-paid medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Flexible work hours and scheduling
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We don’t contract out writers or designers for our projects. Our software engineers, systems engineers, front-end developers, designers, and writers are full-time employees working all over the world. Every person who contributes to a product can talk to each other and work together from beginning to end.

At Two Barrels, we’re hired for the job we do best. Writers write. Coders code. Then we get annual raise opportunities. We never have to give up a position we love and excel at for a “promotion.” We want to provide a career path that compensates you in a way that you feel supported and rewarded for your contributions.

We support an operational staff of 800+ with offices in every state, and we’re no where close to where we need to be. We’re always looking to hire good humans that can help, and we’re continually growing our team as we provide the backbone for millions of businesses throughout the US.

We’re pretty proud of the fact that we’re debt free—we don’t have any venture capital or shareholders pulling the strings. We don’t do work for 3rd parties, and we don’t have budgets. Essentially, we’re in the business of supporting good humans.

We have freedom to test out hypotheses, try out new voices in writing projects, and build things that will help the whole team. We’re grouped by products so we have full autonomy to make our products as amazing as we can dream up.

Two Barrels is Spokane’s largest tech employer, and we have our own building in the heart of downtown Spokane. There are mountains, lakes, and a great scenery—and if that’s totally not your thing, Spokane is home to geeks, foodies, and families of all types.

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