Technical Recruiter


Two Barrels is searching for a highly experienced and creative in-house Technical Recruiter. Maybe you’ve been bottled up working for a company trying too hard to be cool, constrained by money hungry investors, or just plain bored working for a big company where your work just doesn’t matter. Got two loaded barrels you’ve been itching to shoot?




Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You’ve thought: “What would happen if I just stalked every computer science or networking professor in Spokane and harassed them until they funneled the most talented kids to us!” You interviewed a software engineer once who was so nervous they couldn’t speak to you, but you knew they were a good person and hired them anyway. You find yourself meeting overqualified and intelligent people at places like the Apple store or Tier 1 tech support for Comcast and can’t help but feel inspired by their knowledge and random acts of awesome customer service… and then can’t stop thinking about that person and how underutilized or how underappreciated they probably are. You also have random experiences of horrible customer service, but you understand that person isn’t a bad person, and is probably just bored in their current position and needs a different job that will challenge them. But the biggest reason you might like this job is in your past you’ve asked a stranger if they’re looking for work because you just sensed it. You’ve handed out your information to at least 5 strangers because you liked them and told them you’re hiring. You find it absurd when people give an excuse that it’s hard to find good help and you immediately think that company must suck to work for. And you understand awesome people are the real asset of any successful organization, and finding them is a never-ending pursuit.