Mid Software Engineer


Two Barrels is hiring Mid Software Engineer for $100,000/year. This is a full time 40 hour/week employee position with company benefits.

At Two Barrels, you will work with a close-knit group of engineers who come from a diverse mix of backgrounds and experiences. We build out exciting new Rails projects, as well as maintain and refactor older Rack-based ones built in POR. We are constantly evolving, growing and willing to try new technologies and techniques, as long as we meet the business’s needs.

We want someone who is eager to learn and help others but can also take on a project independently and be just fine. Our team supports each other and understands not everyone is the same – some of us are great at CI/CD development, some of us are wizards at SQL, and others just love Plain Old Ruby – meaning although we expect you to work the full-stack, we also understand if you prefer to work in one area more than another.

How to Apply:

Please apply through the link below. It’s a coding job, so showing us some code would be helpful. Preferably a flavor of Ruby or Javascript, but anything for now will do. We will do an initial phone interview, a video call with a small group of our team, and then if everyone is still liking things, typically we’d have you come in and meet everyone. However, with COVID-19, we’re doing group video calls right now while we’re all working remotely.


Spokane, WA


Full Time


$100,000/year **$10,000 hiring bonus for proven Ruby experience**


Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You’ve been building large rails apps for other companies. The ones with carrots dangling in front of you, hipster benefits and slippery ladders. You’ve always wondered if there’s a place where profits and titles aren’t everyone’s motivation. Where people just want you to make great software. You like the idea of working for a locally-owned and operated company that competes in an extremely competitive space nationwide. You like that your work matters today and will affect millions of our business customers.

You like the idea that you could find a place like this in Spokane, where we have 4 seasons. Where you can buy a great house for a great price with no epic commute. You like that there are 5 ski hills within 2 hours and endless outdoor activities. You don’t like bugs or humidity or a million people living in your city.

You love to code, but you want to take part in the planning without being required to deal with stakeholders and project managers all day. You want to make cool stuff. You want your cool stuff to be really good.  But most importantly, if you made a dish of noodles and butter for someone and asked them what they thought of it, if they said it was okay or good and didn’t give you feedback, you’d feel a little left out… you’d want a little more… because okay or good isn’t fulfilling to you.

But at the same time… it’s just a job. Yourself/Family/Friends/Personal Time is number 1. Work is number 2 or 3. Our goal is to use the incredible business we are excited to be a part of to support all of our personal time. We all want to live a full personal life. We’ll have more fun working together during the day if we know there’s a clear cutoff. This way, we can create a work environment where we can not only go home at the end of the day, but mentally shut off work and mentally go home also. We focus on creating a welcoming, supportive job environment that pays well and doesn’t stress you out, so when you call it a day, you go have fun personally.