Director of Software Engineering


Two Barrels in Spokane, Washington is hiring as many Directors of Software Engineering as we can find to lead our growing team of developers. You’ll be a leader of how we engineer stuff. From software to architecture. We’re not really hung up on titles here… so call yourself Director, or Head, or Conductor. We kinda like Conductor as your main role will be ensuring that our engineering team stays on the rails. Our “Director” level is a level here in development. You could say we’re still engineering it as we speak, but our main goal is that our directors of this or that have groups of engaged engineers and coders that they are technically leading, pushing, and mentoring to be better engineers and make better products here. We run about 50 products and you’ll be in charge of 15-30 engineers. Or less… Or more… It’s fluid and the driving force is doing good work and making employees happy.

You’re an excellent coder still, we’re talking hardcore tech skills with an affinity for open source. But you also really enjoy mentoring and supporting other engineers when it comes to technical leadership to tackle the most impactful projects across the organization. We don’t view our Director level as “managers”. We have Software Development Managers and Operations Managers that aren’t super technical based. Within our company, this is the career path coders take that would rather stay more technical than people manager.

This is a remote or work whatever you want position. We’d prefer you be around Spokane, Salt Lake, or Austin to have a hub base out of one of our three main technical offices, but we’re open to good talent anywhere in the US.



Spokane WA, Austin TX, Salt Lake UT vicinity preferred


Full Time


$200,000/year. We are family owned and run, so there's no share compensation or bonus structure as part of the compensation package.


Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

We’re family owned and operated. It’s a high high impact role, and the company isn’t driven by building a product we hope will sell someday. We’re into open source and you should be also. We have a lot of good humans that work here, but we want to help them grow and fulfill their mental stimulation. We need help with that process and we as a company are going to accomplish amazing things along the way. You might consider yourself an Anti – Thought Leader…