Junior Software Engineer


Two Barrels is hiring a Junior Software Engineer for $85,000/year. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour/week position with company benefits in Spokane, Washington. Other common labels of this position might be Software Developer, Full Stack Software Developer, or whatever your current job came up with with a number around another set of words to make you feel good.

Two Barrels is always hiring great Software Engineers. We primarily code in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Python, and PHP. Our biggest need will always be Ruby on Rails Developers.  We classify this position as an entry level position within our Software Department. You will work with Software Engineers and Senior Software Engineers to work towards becoming a valuable part of our engineering team.

Our Software Developer job is a path towards our regular Software Engineer position. This position is a way to hire you if you do not have Ruby or Ruby on Rails experience, but want to work towards becoming one of our Ruby on Rails Software Engineers.

Junior Software Engineer Jobs:

Our Junior Software Engineers spend their first year integrating and hopefully advance to becoming Software Engineers within our company. We do annual reviews and raises in the 3rd quarter of every year. This would be your guaranteed time frame to be able to demonstrate proficiency in ROR if you would like to grow into our regular Software Engineer position. Maybe you’re good at Python, PHP, or React, but we need you to focus on Ruby. We’ll wait for you to make that transition. Maybe you’ve dabbled in Ruby in a class or on the side, but don’t really have experience doing full-scale development in Ruby or Ruby on Rails. We’ll work with you and bring you along to become a vital part of our group. This is our entry level software developer position and a great way to get started with our company. We’re looking for great people who want to do great work. We understand you might suck at writing resumes or pitching yourself, or most your code might be private. Try your best to explain to us what you can do so we can hopefully find you! If you’re a good person, like learning and improving, and want to grow your skills, we want to find you.


$85,000 a year


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