Product Manager


Two Barrels is hiring a Product Manager. We don’t do fancy titles we just mean that you’ve been here and done that a few times, you can spot a pattern and apply a framework to solve the problem, you get data and measure the impact you’ve made on a problem. You will be a traditional company employee. This position is full-time 40 hour M-F position with company benefits. We have offices in Spokane, WA; Austin, TX; and Salt Lake, UT.

We have 50+ products and that list is continuing to grow and Two Barrels depends on it’s product group to keep those products on track. Our product team is made up of inspired individuals that care about the customer and aren’t afraid of the journey they may go on to impact said customer. As a product manager you will be responsible for leading the charge in creating the product vision, benchmarks, KPIs, and goals for the product(s). At times you will have to juggle multiple products and lean on your product portfolio management skills to guide you forward.

You are an ecosystem enhancement specialist. Someone that can find just the right lever that impacts not just one product, but multiple other products as well.


Remote | Spokane – Austin – SLC |


Full Time


$85,000 - $115,000/year. We are family owned and run, so there's no equity or bonus structure as part of the compensation package.


Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

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You understand what it feels like to have a great customer service interaction and want to make that happen for other people. You enjoy data, processes, and helping direct the building of cool products. You love the challenge of continuously refining products to make them better. You know a good amount about product management and are looking for a unique company to showcase your skills.