Director of Domain Name Registrar


We own an accredited ICANN registrar in stealth mode at this point. We currently service a little over 3 million active businesses and you can see the potential there if you’re familiar with domain names.

We are looking for someone to truly own the Domain Registrar product from the operations side and the tech side. This is a new position with us and there’s no cap on where you could grow this position into.

As a company, we currently maintain a domain roster of more than 9,000 domains that are just our own companies. We are one of the largest corporate registrants (we form businesses) and we are definitely the largest one you’ve never heard of. Because of this, we’ve tried just about every registrar out there. Literally, like every one over the last 10 years. Domain registrars have to focus on the upsell because there’s not a lot of profit margin between the wholesale registry and ICANN costs over retail and mega-user pricing. We have the luxury of not needing to put our users through upsell hell. We are family-owned and operated. We have no debt and no investors. We can truly focus on the clients.

We have a commitment to simply making the most customer-centric domain registrar that has ever been made and the best, most economical pricing. You’ll work with our stakeholders and a diverse tech team to drive and own our domain services. You should have extensive industry experience and be passionate about where the industry can improve.


Remote | Spokane – Austin – SLC |


Full Time




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Why you might like this job:

You’ve painfully submitted to GoDaddy for years and wondered: “Why do they still suck and have a bad client experience when they have all the money in the world?” You were a little bummed when Uni sold to GoDaddy. You know when I’m talking about parking, it’s not your car. You hate dealing with domain “investors” but would love to help domainers. You always click back to classic for GoDaddy auctions and you don’t trust Google domains. You were a little sad when Phoenix went down and sold and the new owners turned out to be a pain to deal with. You wish Dropcatch wasn’t such a pain and you wish the Domain King wouldn’t bid on stuff and stayed retired so we wouldn’t have to listen to him or have to bid against him. You wish Namesilo was still a couple of dudes just offering amazing customer service over email, but you’re annoyed they wouldn’t answer the phone and bummed to see them publicly-owned now and committed to upsell hell. You wish you could place orders on snap or Namejet and get all the wins in one registrar instead of the insanity they provide for you now. You wonder what on earth happened to Moniker.

You just keep wondering…when will someone just simply focus on helping people register and maintain domains in an awesome way. If you have any clue what I’m saying after reading all this, and you are still excited at this point, you have found your dream job. Please apply.

There’s a lot of pain in this industry created by greed. If you’d like to make a registrar that is simply the best and easiest to work with. We’d love to talk.