Buying a Home in Spokane

June 30, 2020 1:48 pm

Thinking about moving to Spokane? If you are, congrats! Whatever you’re looking for in a neighborhood—good schools, beautiful homes, community events, loads of character, or just plentiful pubs—you can find it in Spokane. Best of all, you’ll spend much less on your house, condo, or apartment than you would in the big cities. And if you haven’t yet decided whether or not to make the big move? Maybe this will help convince you.

A Lot for a Little

You’ll probably be surprised by what you can afford here in Spokane. The median home value in the area is $264,000, which will get you a pretty nice-sized house, not just 400 sq/ft in a building. Prefer to rent an apartment? The median rent price is $1,295. A one-bedroom is typically under $900.

When it comes to cost of living, we fare much better than the west side of the state. Houses in Seattle are nearly three times as much, and apartments are over double. Seattle’s median home value is just under $768,000, and the median rent price is a whopping $2,600.

A Neighborhood for You

Everyone’s looking for something a little different in the community they call home. Luckily, each Spokane neighborhood brings something unique to the table. Some of our favorite neighborhoods include:

We’re no real estate experts, but buying a home doesn’t have to be intimidating. Especially now when interest rates are so low, it’s a great time to take advantage of the housing market here in Spokane. In 2019 alone, home values increased on average by 13%. We expect this trend to continue well through 2020 as people are looking to move out of large cities that have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

As more and more people look to get out of the big cities and find an easier pace of life, Spokane is becoming a prime destination. And just maybe your new home.

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