Senior Front-End Web Developer


Two Barrels is hiring a Senior Front-End Web Developer for $95,000/year. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour/week position with company benefits.

As a Senior Front-End Web Developer at Two Barrels, you’ll be given large-scale web projects and be asked to break these down into tasks for Junior Front-End Developers and Front-End Web Developers while maintaining focus on larger goals and projects. Our ideal candidate would be someone who has been successful in multiple front-end positions over the years and is looking to mentor a crew of talented, less-experienced developers and help take our websites to the next level. That will require you to be someone who doesn’t believe there’s only one right way to do things and your mindset is focused on growth, not the way things currently are.


Spokane, WA or Remote


Full Time




Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You’re someone with an easy-going disposition who can see the logical solution to a complex problem. You have no problem acknowledging when something isn’t working right and, inherently, you know how to fix it. You’re also able to recognize the noise for what it is: just noise. If that sounds like you and you’d like to share the things you’ve learned over the years with some of our less-experienced devs, while recognizing that you don’t always have to be the smartest person in the room, we’d love to have you be a part of our team and help make us better.