Front-End Web Developer


Two Barrels is hiring a Front-End Web Developer for our marketing department. This is a full time 40 hour/week position with company benefits.

We are seeking a talented and passionate individual interested in changing the world one website at a time. As a Front-End Web Developer at Two Barrels, you will work directly with our in-house marketing team and play an integral role in the creation process. You’ll be tasked with using modern web development techniques to make the coolest and best websites possible.  Some sites you work on will be massive thousand-page behemoths, others will be simple, five-page sites. No matter the site’s size, value, or complexity, here at Two Barrels we expect our Front-End Web Developers to come to the task with tenacity, grit, and a desire to crush it every time.


Spokane, WA




Minimum Qualifications:

Preferred Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You love making websites and you have a passion for making them the best they can possibly be. The sites you create are so insanely appealing, users will have no clue you spent a week weighing the philosophical benefits of particular hierarchical structures and reducing all unnecessary complexity. This diligence and attention to detail spills over to all aspects of your work, and all you want in return is a pat on the back and an increased conversion rate. Believe us when we say our pats on the back at Two Barrels are rapid fire, especially when your work boosts conversion. Your back is gonna be so sore.