Chief Marketing Officer


Two Barrels is hiring a Chief Marketing Officer.

We find ourselves in a weird spot. We’ve grown about 780 percent over the last 3 years. A good marketing feat by itself, but extraordinary once you get into some of the details. Like… we actually don’t have a single employee with the word “marketing” in their job title…. so how in the crap did that happen? We don’t know… but it did. We have about 30-35 to maybe 50 people that you could say fall under the marketing umbrella. We have impressive folks and skillset groups like content writers, seos, ppc, affiliate managers, social media folks, videographers, full blown design team, UI/UX, front end developers, product owners, product managers, project managers, full blown revenue teams, and that’s just on the front end. We have a much larger team on the back end for the software. We have always done marketing without really thinking of it as marketing. We need to grow this group to be in the 150-200 employee range and want your help to do so. It’s all high impact, high volume, tough digital competition, and there’s no cap on where we could take it if we’re organized, have a plan, and execute.

We launch some big things and, although we know our goal when we begin, a week later, when other priorities come up, we might forget that we already have some heavy campaigns over here while we start something else. And well… our people accomplish amazing things, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that we’re all trying to track in one direction and stay with a consistent message. So we have a lot of power. But we’ve never had a CMO before or really had anyone doing marketing here. We’ve just had a ton of skilled positions doing marketing naturally.

So we’re looking for a been there done that CMO (with an e-commerce digital background) to help drive what we do. We’d like you to be extremely skilled at online marketing with the experience of having run larger campaigns and navigated companies with 500+ employees. We’d like you to eventually help come up with some of the vision, but that would be some time down the road after you truly get what we do and who we market to.


Spokane, WA


Full Time


Up to $350,000 DOE. It's a family owned and operated business, and as such, it's just a normal type salary compensation package. The job is in Spokane and you'd have to be based here to do it well, so if you'd like to move here for this job, we would pay to relocate you.


Minimum Qualifications:

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Why you might like this job:

As we keep scaling, it feels like the right time to hire a CMO. Like an actual CMO. A couple years ago we wouldn’t have been ready, but we are today. What seems really unique about this position is you have a blank slate. You could make a marketing group how you’ve always thought it might be made. Yet, you already have a very skilled team and about a 40 million a year budget at your disposal. And you’re currently kicking everyone’s rear. Like, we pick up twice the market share of our first closest competitor. So you get to join a winning team. And if someone picks a fight, we typically throw the budget out the window and just duke it out. We’re family owned and operated, so no investors, no debt. Just the game, and the game is fun.

But we also acknowledge the game is changing, and we need to change as well.

We now find ourselves fighting against companies that don’t have to make anything pencil because they’re backed by venture capital. While we kick their faces in with a fifth of the budget, all while being profitable, the companies are becoming monsters. They just keep getting bigger, more sophisticated, smarter, more numbers based, more focused, while being fueled by more and more funny money, so it’s time for us to be more intentional about what we do here.  We like the fight, but we want to position ourselves in as good of a spot as we can to keep winning, or at least not get arrogant, and get crushed by the next round of VC backed funny money startups with a couple hundred million to blow. We like competing against talented companies, though. It forces us to keep growing and improve our game. And we need someone like you to help us grow into the future.