Senior UI/UX Front-End Developer


Two Barrels is hiring a Senior UI/UX Front-End Developer for $95,000/year. You will be a traditional company employee. This is a full time 40 hour M-F onsite position with company benefits in Spokane, Washington.

We are expanding the team rapidly and looking for a senior UX/UI designer who will work closely with our product manager, product designer, and be a part of the Devs team to craft our product and bring our product to market. Specifically, the Senior UX/UI Designer will be responsible for creating a beautiful interface design, including wireframes, sitemaps, animations/graphics, visual prototypes, interface mockups, user experience flowcharts and more.

We believe in self-direction, individual autonomy, and creative freedom, and we value those principles at the highest level. As such, this position requires a self-motivated individual, who is creative, bold, and ambitious, yet is able to maintain timelines and schedules with deadlines.

Strong front-end development skills using HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery and Knockout (or other MVVM Foundation). Solid UX/UI and visual design skills are required. Plus you’ll need to know how to build javascript/HTML based components and functionality that integrates with a back-end API. This isn’t your typical web page design position.


Spokane, WA




Minimum Qualifications:

Why you might like this job:

You’ve been finding the logic errors in others’ codes for years, and while you present your findings with humility, you’re not going to let code or design problems mess up our users’ experiences. At Two Barrels, you’ll have the chance to show off your skills and knowledge, build cool sites, experiment with design and concepts, and do all the fun things they wouldn’t let you try at your last job. Plus, as Senior UI/UX designer, you’ll be able to mentor less experience designers, mold them in your making. But more importantly, you’ll have others with whom you can debate the merits of certain call-to-action color palates, talk through the use of drop downs and accordions, and basically geek out as hard as you want to.